About us

Sepahan Petro Kimia (S.P.K) Company as producer of Synolex Specialty Lubricants, with a novel scientific approach to lubricants industry, has started its activity since 2008 in Iran. For first five years, company’s concentration was only on industrial segments and from 2013, production of different automotive lubricants has been started. Today, Synolex products not only are available in all Iranian provinces, they are also exported to different countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Synolex product portfolio includes but not limited to engine oils, transmission oils, industrial lubricants, marine oils and car care products such as anti-freeze, octane booster and engine cleaners that are formulated and produced based on most recent updates of technology and science to meet current and future requirements of equipment and machineries.  All administrative and manufacturing processes are implemented using high-tech ERP and other software in compliance with ISO 9001 quality management system.

Our mission at Sepahan Petro Kimia company is to maintain and continuous improvement of the quality which needs all-time research and development due to rapid changes of technology. Professional and high skilled chemists and engineers cooperate in S.P.K. to elevate and keep Synolex products in compliance with latest international standards.

In addition to Iranian National Standards (ISIRI), SAE, API and OEM approvals from globally well-known companies such as VOLVO, MAN, ZF, VOITH, SIEMENS and FLENDER, Sepahan Petro Kimia is the first Asian company listed in “Global Lube Base Oil Specifications Center” as a manufacturer of Group V base oils. S.P.K has also become a member of Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association and conducts European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System regulations (EELQMS).

Quality Assurance is conducted curiously in production plant and all raw materials are checked before entering to warehouses. Base oils used in Synolex products are Group VI and V synthetic base oils and Group III, II and I mineral base oils from world class suppliers. Different additives from companies such as Afton, Infineum, Eni, Rhein Chemie are carefully selected to formulate high quality Synolex lubricants.