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Gear Oil
Synolex Omega RL

SYNOLEX Omega oils are manufactured in different grades and classes according to their application. These products endure high pressure and temperature range and can be used in gearboxes, steering gears, differentials and in most of power transmission system. SYNOLEX Omega oils are very resistant against oxidation and shear.

Among SYNOLEX Omega oils, SYNOLEX Omega RL is Semi-synthetic gear oil for use in temperatures higher than 80°C and under high tension.


  • Max. protection of gears against corrosion and rusting
  • High thermal stability
  • For use in temperatures higher than 80°C and under high tension
  • High Oxidation stability

SYNOLEX Omega RL is produced in following ISO grades: 

• ISO 68
• ISO 100
• ISO 150
• ISO 220
• ISO 320
• ISO 460
• ISO 680

Package type

Plastic bucket 20L (20B)

Drum 208L


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Synolex Omega RL

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