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High Vacuume Pump Oil
Semi -Synthetic

SYNOLEX Arias High Vacuum Pump Oil is designed to use with all makes of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, has a high degree of chemical stability to resist oxidation and the subsequent formation of sludge and deposits which is crucial for continuous service.
SYNOLEX Arias High Vacuum Pump Oil is designed to alleviate the sludge, carbon deposit and contamination problems commonly found in industrial vacuum pumps to maintains its original lubricating properties over a long life.


• Good air release properties to provide efficient pump operation
• Thermal stability – resists break-down due to heat
• High viscosity index

SYNOLEX High Vacuume Pump Oil is produced in accordance with the last international standards and specifications.

Package type

Plastic bucket 20L (20B)

Drum 208L


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Semi -Synthetic”

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