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Transmission Fluid
Fluidmatic ATF CVT
Full Synthetic

SYNOLEX Fluidmatic ATF CVT is a high-performance automatic transmission fluid specially formulated by Synolex engineers for the latest technology of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gear boxes. Very distinctively selected base oils and a well-adjusted additive package protect against foam formation, which is very important for CVT gear boxes.
SYNOLEX Fluidmatic ATF CVT ensures smooth functionality even under extreme operating conditions and high temperature.


• Transmission Protection
• Smooth Shifting
• Very high viscosity index

SYNOLEX Fluidmatic ATF CVT meets following international standards:

  • BMW 83 22 0 136 376/83 22 0429 154
  • NISSAN NS-1/2/3
  • Mercedes Benz 236.20
  • TOYOTA CVT TC, VW TL 521 80/G 052 180/G 052 516m
  • Mini Cooper EZL 799A
  • Mitsubishi CVTF-J1/Diamond SP-III
  • Suzuki TC/NS-2/CVT Green 1
  • Ford CVT 23/CVT 30/Mercon C/M2C933-A/M2C928-A, Honda HMMF
  • Hyundai/KIA SP-CVT 1
  • Subaru NS-2/Lineartronic CVTF, Dodge/Jeep NS-2/CVTF+4, GM/Saturn DEX-CVT/GM 1940713/1940714

Package type

Plastic container 1L (1P)

Metal box 4L (4M)


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Fluidmatic ATF CVT
Full Synthetic”

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