Synolex Turbo RL ISO 32
Synthetic Turbine Oil

Synolex Turbo RL oils are formulated using advanced synthetic base oils which leave no carbon residuals. Sulphur content of Synolex Turbo RL oils are precisely controlled to protect very sensitive parts of turbine.
Synolex Turbo RL prevents sludge formation, wear and rust is very resistant against oxidation, extreme heat and shear.
Before using this oil, flush the machine with Synolex Flushex and run it for 10 minutes.
Synthetic Turbine Oil
For use in sensitive gas turbines and to avoid carbon residues with very low sulphur content

Product Information


  • ISO Viscosity Grade: 32
  • DIN 51506 (VBL, VCL, VDL)
  • ISO / DP 6521 (DAA, DAB, DAH, DAG)


  • High oxidation and thermal stability
  • Good antiwear properties
  • Prevents sludge formation


  • 20B
  • 208M

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