Synolex Petroleum Australia

Synolex has a distinct modern scientific look to liquid engineering where our formulators do not just rely on international standards; But, environmental, ecological, behavioural, mechanical, operational, chemical and physical factors are well considered along with international standards in formulation of quality Synolex products.

Protecting the Environment

We truly respect the mother earth. Synolex contributes to this concern through different strategies. From specialised formulations to emission-free green production processes, we do our best to accomplish our social responsibilities.

Products Range

Synolex products range has increased to a vast list through years. Each special lubricant inquiry has become a new research and development project and turned into a new lubricant formulation that best fits customer demands.


Oil Selector

In Synolex high-tech oil finder, we have tried to gather most accurate data based on a vast range of websites and car user manuals, however due to daily technology updates, some products may have not been referred. Let us know if you need any help and we will try to assist you to best of our knowledge. In this section of Synolex website we have also advised appropriate coolants for you vehicle.