Sahara UTTO 10W-30 GL-4
HD Multi-Purpose Machinery Fluid

SYNOLEX SAHARA UTTO 10W-30 GL-4 is a Universal Tractor Transmission Oil for use in engine, hydraulic and clutch systems of giant machineries that mostly work in harsh and wet environments. Hi-Tec and advanced base oils and additives used in formulation of this oil lead to excellent performance in high temperature and severe conditions.
This oil is also suitable when manufacturer recommends SAE 85W.

Product Information


  • Approved by Volvo for STD 1273,03/WB101
  • Case New Holland MAT-3525, M2C-134 A-D, FNHA-2-D.201.00
  • John Deere JDM-J20C
  • Massey-Ferguson M1143, M1145
  • ZF TE-ML-03E,05F, 06D, 06K, 17E, 21F
  • Caterpillar TO-2
  • Komatsu
  • Clark
  • MS 1207, 1209 / 1210
  • Allison C-4
  • SAEJ 306 85W
  • API GL-4


  • Higher viscosity index compared to common products
  • Very resistant against high temperatures
  • Good fluidity even in low temperatures
  • High cleaning properties
  • Constant viscosity during lifetime
  • Anti-foam properties
  • Certified by VOLVO


  • 208L Drum
  • 20L Bucket

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