Synolex Thermeh D4 ISO 22
Full Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluids

Synolex Thermeh D4, an advanced synthetic fluid, is designed to be used in sensitive heat transfer systems in which the oil temperature reaches 345°C and most HTF lose their basic characteristics.
Synolex Thermeh D4 heat transfer fluid HAS NO carbon residuals and sludges, wear and rust. The fluid is also highly resistant against oxidation, heat and shear.
No need to clean the system before using this oil, it takes care of everything.
Full Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluids
For use in heat transfer systems that work in very high temperatures and are sensitive against carbon residues

Product Information


  • No carbon residues
  • Super stability against thermal breakdown
  • Fully antiwear
  • Low odour


  • 208M
  • 1000L IBC

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