Sahara HL ISO 32
HD Premium Hydraulic Fluid

Synolex Sahara hydraulic fluids meet international standards and specifications recommended by road construction machinery Manufacturers.
Synolex Sahara hydraulic fluids are especially designed by using advanced additive and base oil technology to be very resistant against corrosion, oxidation and foam formation which lead to longer drain intervals.

Product Information


  • MAG IAS (Cincinnati Milacron) P-68-69-70
  • Denison HF-0 / HF-1 / HF-2
  • Denison T-6H20C Hybrid Pump (A-TP-30533) pass for Denison HF-0 at 0.8%
  • DIN 51524 part 2 and 3
  • US Steel 127 / 136
  • Eaton (Vickers) M-2950-S / I-286-S


  • High stability against oxidation and stability
  • High Shear stability
  • Rust prevention
  • Protection of yellow metals against rust
  • Rapid water separability


  • 20B
  • 208M

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